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Car sales on consignment with GEN11 Motors

GEN 11 Motors offers an attractive option for vehicle owners who would like to get more money for their car than the dealer trade-in price.

Our priority is to keep you at your workplace and let you focus on your main business. We will take the hassle of selling your cars away from you, so you can concentrate on what matters. We pride ourselves in bringing a high level of professionalism and service.

Testimonial from Ian Astley – FD at Fox International Group Ltd.

Working with GEN 11 Motors has been a great experience. GEN 11 worked diligently to sell our vehicles.  They took care of all the details, from picking up the vehicles to doing all the paperwork. All we had to do was sign the V5 and hand them the keys and documents. The entire process was easy and hassle-free.

Thomas has been highly professional, courteous, knowledgeable and honest throughout. His personal approach makes it for a very pleasant experience. He truly went above and beyond to help us sell our vehicles and we ended up getting more than we expected. GEN 11 Motors provided us with an efficient and economical service. Thomas stayed in contact with us throughout the process with updates on the listings, on a weekly basis. I highly recommend this business.

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  • Thank you for considering GEN11 Motors to act as sales agents on your behalf. Once you have submitted the form, please allow us a short while to assess the details before we contact you to discuss the finer points of selling your car.